Hawaii’s best sunset cruise

While vacationing in Honolulu, Oahu, do make sure you sign up for Hawaii’s best sunset cruise. You live here? Great! You have so many reasons and chances to sail Hawaii’s best sunset cruise.

5 reasons why Sail Blue Hawaii sunset cruise is a cut above the rest

  • You sail your own private yacht with captain. How perfect is that in today’s world?
  • Kaikiwi is the best-kept boat in Hawaii’s charter fleet. Step aboard a clean and bristol yacht and treat yourselves to the Hawaii’s best sunset cruise.
  • Today could be a special occasion: celebrate with a Hawaii sunset cruise your birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, or by saying “I do”. That being said, there is no special occasion necessary to enjoy the highlight of your Hawaii vacation.
  • You get to choose your refreshments. Pack a small cooler/ insulated bag with cooled beverage (other than water, which I have on board) and food refreshments you may require for your time on the water. If you do not have access to a cooler, you are welcome to use the one on board. Adult beverages are welcome but, please, no red wine. Catering options are also available.
  • Sunset cruising is all about kicking back and relaxing, perhaps enjoying a cocktail. I sail with that in mind. If you would like extend your cruise to see city lights, by one half hour or more, can do. This is common, especially on spectacular evenings. No need to decide til you are out there!.

There are too many reasons to list why Sail Blue Hawaii is a cut above the rest. Call and book Hawaii’s best sunset cruise and step aboard! Day-sailing and sunrise options also available.

Private Sailing Lesson in Hawaii

If you are here on vacation and want to add to your experience, sign up for a private sailing lesson. It could well be the highlight of your vacation. Or perhaps you are local and always dreamed of sailing tradewinds? Now is your chance. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so an early morning sailing lesson is scheduled. Your lesson builds as the tradewinds build.

Don’t dream your life, live your dream

Sailing is clouded in romance. Many people dream of a life of sailing and the adventure of perhaps one day sailing to distant shores. The reality is often different than the dream and this is important to understand.

So, before you go buy that boat, come sailing with me and begin or continue learning the skills that will gain you confidence and give you a whole bunch of joy as you succeed. Your time “out there” with me will also give you a taste of what true blue-water sailing is all about.

You don’t have to have the dream of distant shores to sign up for a lesson…you can begin by taking up sailing as a day-hobby.

Do you have someone in your life who has always had an itch to try sailing but has never had the opportunity? Buy him/her a gift certificate for a private sailing lesson. It will be the best present they have ever had!

Whatever your goal is, the lesson will fit.

Even if you are the only one who wants to learn and you don’t wish to come alone, your friends/ family are welcome on board and can enjoy the sail while you learn.

So, common sailor, give Sail Blue Hawaii a call and sign up today for your private sailing lesson.

Hawaii private sailing charter

Your custom private sailing charter can sail any time of day. Whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨SUNRISE, morning, afternoon, SUNSET. ✨ It is all good.

5 best private sailing ideas

  • A private sunrise cruise will set your day right, especially if you have just flown in from the east coast and your internal clock is not yet on Hawaii time.
  • Choose the one night of the month (or, the famous “blue moon” second night of the month) to sail from sunset to full moon. It is truly magical to see the full moon rise over Diamond Head after sailing into the sunset. 
  • There’s nothing more special than saying “I do” under a tropical sky  while sailing into the sunset.  Your captain will marry you with a personalized  service on your own private yacht.
  • Hawaii private sailing lesson: help set the sails and take the helm if you like as you learn the “ropes” of sailing.  The first thing you learn: they are not ropes.  They are “lines.” Captain Gaelyn will assist you to build your skills and confidence. For all levels of sailing experience.
  • Just for the joy of it. Choose a private sailing charter and it could well be the highlight of your Hawaii vacation.

Hawaii’s best private sailing charter

A Hawaii private sailing charter means you are not sharing the boat with others. A good idea in the current era. Or, as a client recently shared, “we just don’t play well with others”. Any reason is a good one to call Sail Blue Hawaii for your own Hawaii private sailing charter.

What’s in a boat name?

“Kaikiwi” was featured in a cruising magazine. The article went on to say: “Recently, I put out a call for your favourite boat name and the reason behind it. Capt Gaelyn shared the story of “Kaikiwi”, her Beneteau 411. Capt Gaelyn was born and raised in New Zealand before finding the warmer waters of Hawaii to sail as a charter boat captain. What does “Kaikiwi” mean? Kai in Hawaiian means salt water. Kiwi is the fond nickname for a New Zealander. That makes a simple and unique boat name that summarises the experiences of Captain Gaelyn.”

If you call Sail Blue Hawaii for your Hawaii private sailing charter, you will find Captain Gaelyn behind the wheel of her beloved “Kaikiwi”.

Hawaii private sailing charter

Any occasion is a great one to get out sailing on Hawaiian waters to enjoy some relaxing and refreshing ocean time. Especially here in Hawaii. The air is balmy and year-round trade winds provide Honolulu with wonderful sailing conditions

Don’t dream your life, live your dream

Our most popular boat tours are certainly the private yacht charter, weddings, anniversaries and sunset sailing cruises. In addition, sailing lessons, birthdays and corporate adventures await.

While sailing in Honolulu we often see Hawaiian green sea turtles lazing in the sun, dolphins jumping the bow, whales (winter only) spouting off to starboard, and the stunning shine of Venus at sunset.