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Happiness is…

Whether you’re an old salt or a long-time landlubber, you are in good hands with Capt. Gaelyn Penberthy. This experienced, friendly skipper knows Hawaii’s waters and the best spots where the endangered honu (green sea turtles) hang out. (How cool is that!)

And, if you choose a multi-day adventure, she knows the best anchorages from Oahu to Maui, Lanai to Molokai.

What is Your Sailing Pleasure?
Do you want to sit back, relax and and have your picture taken with Diamond Head in the background? Or do you want to put your hands on the wheel, help hoist the sails and get the feel of the wind and waves from the captain’s perspective? Either way, Capt. Gaelyn will put you at ease and make your sail the highlight of your trip to Hawaii.

time off 😉

NEW ZEALAND, Home of Sailors
Capt. Gaelyn grew up in windy Wellington, NZ. Sailing the roaring forties is an excellent training ground for sailing Hawaiian waters. At age 14 her friend took her sailing, and she was hooked. There have been a few years 😉 and many, many ocean hours since that time, and she wants to share them with YOU.

Capt. Gaelyn loves everything WATER, especially salt water, and has spent her life either on or in it.

Capt. Gaelyn arrived in the islands in 1993. She didn’t sail here, she flew. (As the saying goes: “Nothing goes to windward like a 747”.)

it’s not all about sailing

She earned her 100-ton captain’s license in 1994. Owning Ala Wai Yacht Brokerage and sailing for two local charter companies became her life. In 1996, she established her own charter company.

The shaka sign that Capt. is showing in this photo has several meanings, the best of which is: Hang loose and have a great vacation

A warm aloha to you and yours from Capt Gaelyn