Hawaii’s best private sailing charter

A Hawaii private sailing charter means you are not sharing the boat with others. A good idea in the current era. Or, as a client recently shared, “we just don’t play well with others”. Any reason is a good one to call Sail Blue Hawaii for your own Hawaii private sailing charter.

What’s in a boat name?

“Kaikiwi” was featured in a cruising magazine. The article went on to say: “Recently, I put out a call for your favourite boat name and the reason behind it. Capt Gaelyn shared the story of “Kaikiwi”, her Beneteau 411. Capt Gaelyn was born and raised in New Zealand before finding the warmer waters of Hawaii to sail as a charter boat captain. What does “Kaikiwi” mean? Kai in Hawaiian means salt water. Kiwi is the fond nickname for a New Zealander. That makes a simple and unique boat name that summarises the experiences of Captain Gaelyn.”

If you call Sail Blue Hawaii for your Hawaii private sailing charter, you will find Captain Gaelyn behind the wheel of her beloved “Kaikiwi”.

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