Oahu Sunrise cruise

Your birthday is a great excuse to get out of bed early and experience the Diamond Head Sunrise Cruise. Greet the new day aboard our private boat charter “Kaikiwi“. Not only a great photo opportunity but something special to remember on your vacation in Honolulu. Certainly not everyone is an early riser but the view of Diamond Head is well worth the effort. And the view of early morning Waikiki is the best!  Yes, the best way to see Waikiki is from a distance.

Why go sailing while on a Hawaii Vacation?

A sunrise sailing charter starts with a lighter gentle early morning wind. Morning is also the best time for a sailing lesson. We start with a lighter wind and build your lesson as the wind builds. Your sailing lesson will begin at 0800. Earlier if you prefer, esp if you have just flown in from the east coast. Yes, include sunrise with your private sailing lesson.

Any time, any reason…YOUR private Oahu Sunrise Cruise will be your vacation highlight

You certainly won’t regret getting out of bed early!  Call today for your Oahu sunrise cruise.  Dreams come true in blue Hawaii.