Hawaii’s best private sunset cruise

Sunset is a beautiful time to be on the water. Why does Sail Blue Hawaii have the best sunset cruise in Hawaii? Nothing can beat your own private yacht. Kaikiwi is beautifully maintained, clean, with no “boat smells”. One client actually commented she could eat off the deck, it was so clean. Beyond all that tho, treat yourself as you sit back and relax with the sound of water rushing by the hull and the sound of surf breaking on the beach a mile or 2 away.

Sunset cruising is for romantics

Perhaps you want to propose, say “I do” or just sail into the sunset with your loved one beside you. Nothing will beat the private sunset cruise with Sail Blue Hawaii. Bring a bottle of bubbly and take yourselves to the foredeck where you can snuggle up and take in the beauty that is all around you. From the rainbow and cloud-filled mountains to the blue sky and cobalt-blue Pacific, you will breath in a new energy that will stay with you long after you have disembarked. You will not be disappointed with Hawaii’s best private sunset cruise.

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