Hawaii Sailing Yacht Rental

Ready for your private Hawaii sailing yacht rental is Kaikiwi, a beautiful 42-ft Beneteau. Kaikiwi is Oahu-based. When sailing in Hawaii, it is important to understand the geography of the islands. Due to the heartbreak that happened on Maui this week, I already have people asking if they should cancel their travel plans. Please don’t. While we reel with the devastation that engulfed Maui, do understand that Oahu is a separate island, 100 miles away. Oahu is physically unaffected by the fires. First the pandemic. Now this. Hawaii needs continued support from those of you who love her, and those who are planning a visit for the first time.

Where do we sail to?

Kaikiwi sails from Oahu’s south (protected) shore, not far from Waikiki. She sails past beautiful coastline in the cobalt blue blue waters of our Pacific.  Wildlife such as green sea turtles, “honu”, dolphins, “nai’a”, humpback whales, “kohola” (in winter season only), and flying fish, “malolo” are some of the critters we may see as we sail. Beautiful views of Oahu, Diamond Head and, on clear days, far in the distance, Molokai and Lanai can sometimes be seen. Please understand this is not “destination” sailing.  “Destination” is sailing.

How can we help Maui?

While my platform is to encourage you to sign up for a private sailing charter, today I want to use it for something way more important.

Fire destroyed Lahaina and ravaged other areas of Maui, and thousands of displaced people there are desperate for your kindness. Please do what you can.
Aloha United Way
Aloha United Way has set up the Maui Fire Relief Fund, where donations will go directly to Maui United Way to support Maui victims. 
American Red Cross of Hawaii
The American Red Cross opened five emergency shelters to provide those affected by the Maui wildfires with information, a hot meal, opportunities to charge their phone, pick up relief supplies, and get health services. More information here
Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
CNHA is matching up to $250,000 in community donations providing critical assistance to families and businesses in Lahaina. 
The Hawaiʻi Community Foundation
The Hawai’i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund was created to provide community resilience with resources for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The fund is currently supporting communities affected by the wildfires on Maui. 
The Lahui Foundation
The Lāhui Foundation strives to become a dependable resource for underrepresented and underserved communities here in Hawai’i. They are asking for monetary donations that will go directly to fire recovery efforts for residents of Maui. 
Maui Food Bank
The Maui Food Bank collaborates with various relief organizations to distribute supplies throughout Maui County. 
Maui Mutual Aid Fund
The Maui Mutual Aid is a local effort run by volunteers. They are asking for donations to support vulnerable residents, such as the elderly, those with physical disabilities, renters, and individuals without insurance. More information here
Maui United Way
Maui United Way is accepting donations to its Maui Fire and Disaster Relief fund – all donations will provide direct relief to families and nonprofits directly affected by the Maui Fire Disaster. 

Hawaii Sailing Lesson

Giving the gift of a Hawaii sailing lesson will truly be a lifetime highlight. Whether you are a local or a visitor, you’ll be enchanted by sailing in Hawaii tradewinds. Your lesson begins at 0800 and builds as the wind builds.

Why Hawaii for a sailing lesson?

Sailing is clouded in romance. Many people dream of a life of sailing and the adventure of perhaps one day sailing to distant shores. The reality is often different than the dream and this is important to understand.

So, before you go buy that boat, come sailing with me and begin or continue learning the skills that will gain you confidence and give you a whole bunch of joy as you succeed. Your time “out there” with me will also give you a taste of what true blue-water sailing is all about.

You don’t have to have the dream of distant shores to sign up for a lesson…you can begin by taking up sailing as a day-hobby.

Do you have someone in your life who has always had an itch to try sailing but has never had the opportunity? Buy him/her a gift certificate for a private sailing lesson. It will be the best present they have ever had!

Whatever your goal is, the lesson will fit.

This could be your wheel time. Call Sail Blue Hawaii for your Hawaii private sailing lesson.

Honolulu Life Celebration

Sail Blue Hawaii is deeply honoured to help facilitate your special time of life celebration and aloha. It’s not an easy losing a loved one but being out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean is restorative and healing.

Ash Scattering at sea off Oahu

It’s easy to understand why you would want to celebrate your loved one on a private yacht on the blue Pacific waters off Oahu. Hawaii has a strong spiritual energy both on and off the ocean. A farewell at sea is a healing and soothing way to say goodbye and begin anew.

Customise your Hawaii Ash Scattering

If you would like to include your pastor, or other, to conduct a service and/or blessing for you, please do. If you have no connections here, reach out and I can give you some suggestions. Perhaps you’d like to sail longer than just the time it takes to celebrate and scatter. You are welcome to an extended cruise. What time of day is best? Because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want and whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨a SUNRISE cruise, morning sailing, afternoon sailing, a SUNSET cruise✨.  It is all good. 

Call Sail Blue Hawaii today with your Hawaii Ash Scattering/ life celebration request.

Honolulu Sailboat Tour

Private boat tours in Waikiki are available with Sail Blue Hawaii. Weekends and holidays fill quickly so plan ahead and book early. Your experienced captain will ensure your safety and enjoyment. The cost of a private boat tour in Waikiki is affordable and highly desired. In addition, your private yacht is spacious featuring covered and open air seating as well as an onboard restroom.

Waikiki Sailing Charters Private Boat Tour

KAIKIWI is a 42ft Beneteau, perfect for Hawaiian waters

Private Waikiki boat tours with Sail Blue Hawaii are for both tourists and locals looking to rent a private boat. Sunset cruises, sunrise cruses, tradewind sailing, coastline sightseeing and Friday night fireworks are among the most popular tours in Waikiki. Whale watching, sailing lessons, birthday celebrations and life memorials are also very popular. We accommodate a wide range of special events on board. For Sail Blue Hawaii, the horizon is no limit.

Give Sail Blue Hawaii a call for your own Honolulu private boat tour in Waikiki.

Hawaii Whale Watch

The season for your private Hawaii whale watch is fast coming to the end. These marvellous leviathans have given us the best season in the last 5 years. No one knows exactly why whales have been fewer in numbers over the last few years. No worries!. We had a fabulous season. And it is not over yet.

Why do humpback whales visit the Hawaiian Islands?

Humpback whales come to our warm waters, from Alaska, to have their babies. That is 3000-odd miles away!. It takes mama 6 weeks to get here. She stays for around six weeks..has her calf, re-mates, then it’s a 6-week passage back with baby to Alaska. All this happens between November and April every year. During that whole long time, mama does not eat, but does milk her calf. When she gets back to Alaska, she is very emaciated. Wow, what a story!

Why don’t whales feed while in Hawaiian waters?

We have no krill. Krill are found further north, in cooler waters. Begs the question…WHY?? Why travel all this way. Humans have their theories, of course, but only the whales know.

Before this season is over, call Sail Blue Hawaii for your private whale sail. We’ll set sail in beautiful tradewinds and enjoy the thrill of seeing humpbacks up close and personal as we sail. How better to spend a winter’s day?

Call today for your private Hawaii whale watch. It could well be the highlight of your Hawaii vacation.