Honolulu Oahu Sunset Cruise

Honolulu Oahu sunset cruise
Honolulu Oahu sunset cruise

Relieve your guilt by getting your work done early and grabbing your loved ones for a spectacular Honolulu sunset cruise on a private sailing charter at the end of your day. Hawaii is fast becoming the most popular post-pandemic place to be whether you are choosing to spend a month or two here to tele-work or bringing the family for a much-needed breather. While you are here there are so many reasons to get out on the water. Go ahead and treat yourself: de-stress and take some healing time that only “being out there“ can offer.

“It’s too windy,” you say.  Captain says, “no wind, no sail”:-) Hawaii is typically a windy place, and this week has been no exception.  That being said, Captain has many hidden talents, including an easy way of trimming the sails and changing the sail plan to keep you comfortable and having fun. Overall, your private sailing experience on our Honolulu sunset cruise is of the most importance to us!

Sailing Lessons, Learn the Ropes

sailing lessons in Honolulu

American Magic may be out, but the race to the America’s Cup continues. Whether you’re an avid Cup follower or just interested in sailing lessons to learn the ropes, this is one of the most exciting events in yachting.

Talking about “learning the ropes,” the first thing you learn in boating is that they are “lines”, not ropes. A rookie shows who s/he is because their ease (or lack of) with the nautical language will give them away in a heartbeat. And there is nothing wrong with being a rookie…we all start at the beginning. Boating, and especially sailing lessons, do indeed have its own language and it is learned over time by just being around sailors and being onboard. Sit back and listen and you can learn a lot through osmosis. Participate, ask questions, listen and learn and you will soon be talking this language too. What fun!

About the photo… You can understand from the way the docklines are tied what kind of boater each is. You can even sum up how they handle their boat and, perhaps, how “bristol” (shipshape) their boat is. Two different styles, indeed! I know whose boat I want to sail on.

Come on over to Sail Blue Hawaii for some Oahu sailing: sit back, relax, indulge yourself in a private sailing charter and the gift of “just being out there” and I bet you go home with some of that nautical language in your head, whether you want it there or not. 😉

Honolulu Sailing Lessons

Honolulu Sailing Lessons and Instruction

Specializing in Private Sailing Tours on Oahu but also offering all popular boat charters and sailing instruction in Honolulu. Remember, before you go buy that sailboat, come sail with me! Whether you are a beginner or need continued instruction, you’ll learn the important skills to gain confidence in Hawaiian waters.

Honolulu Sailing Lessons and Instruction
Honolulu Sailing Lessons and Instruction

So, if your dream is to sail the Waikiki coast or beyond that horizon a multi-day charter is perfect. We will introducing you to all important aspects of sailing and living aboard. Your personalized lesson is waiting for you!

Let’s Go Sail Oahu

Sailing In Oahu
Kaikiwi happy at anchor

Kaikiwi sails from Oahu’s south shore. You will embark at Kewalo Basin boat harbor, not far from Waikiki beach hotels. We sail past beautiful coastline in the cobalt blue blue waters of our Pacific. The south shore is the protected side of Oahu: calm and crystal clear, making it the perfect sailing destination.

Why Go Sailing in Oahu?

Common marine wildlife sightings on Oahu are for example, Hawaiian green sea turtles, honu, dolphins, nai’a, and humpback whales, kohola (in winter season only). In addition, flying fish, malolo are some of the critters we may see as we sail about the island.

Incredible Sights While Sailing

Beautiful breathtaking views of Diamond Head are just one of the highlights while sailing in Oahu. On clear days, although far in the distance, Molokai and Lanai can sometimes be seen from the island of Oahu. This is not destination sailing, destination is sailing!

Diamond Head Sunrise Cruise

sunrise over Diamond Head
30 year-old Birthday Celebration Sail

Your birthday is a great excuse to get out of bed early and experience the Diamond Head Sunrise Cruise. Greet the new day aboard our private boat charter “Kaikiwi“. Not only a great photo opportunity but something special to remember on your vacation in Honolulu. Certainly not everyone is an early riser but the view of Diamond Head is well worth the effort.