Your Hawaii Marriage Proposal

Why a Hawaii marriage proposal? The Hawaiian Islands are known as a romantic archipelago. You will feel romance the minute you step off the plane…the balmy tradewind, the scent of plumeria in the air, coconut trees swaying in the breeze, the azure blue waters lapping the beautiful white sand beaches. So, what better place on the planet than Hawaii for your proposal of a lifetime?.

Hawaii proposal at sea.

You cannot be any more romantic when you propose to your loved one while sailing into the sunset. Saying “YES” under a tropical sky, on your own private yacht, will be a memory of a lifetime. It is a stunning way to begin your commitment to each other. Of course, you don’t need the sunset to complete your proposal: because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want and whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨SUNRISE, morning, afternoon, SUNSET✨.  It is all good.

Saying “yes” is just the beginning!

May the love you share today be just as strong every day in the years to come. You will look back on your Hawaii proposal on s/v Kaikiwi as not just the highlight of your Hawaii vacation, but the highlight of your lives. Your private Hawaii marriage proposal will set the tone of your lives together as you sail off into the beautiful pacific waters off Oahu.

I have sailed many a couple and witnessed their Hawaii proposal. Every single one gives me chicken skin. It is an honour. Call Sail Blue Hawaii to book your Hawaii marriage proposal at sea. 

THE Best Private Sailing Charter in Hawaii

Create your own custom cruise and experience the best private sailing charter in Hawaii.  Sail Blue Hawaii will cater to your every whim.  Call for your special occasion and we will design the sailing adventure of your dreams.

Do you have someone special in your life and just can’t find the right way to say “thank you” or “happy birthday/anniversary”?  Stun them with a Hawaii private sailing GIFT CERTIFICATE.  It could well be the best gift they have ever received. 

5 best gift certificate sailing ideas

  • It’s Father’s Day! Surprise the best dad to a day of private sailing. Give him his own private sail boat for a whole day. He doesn’t even have to wash down afterwards.😎
  • It’s your loved one’s birthday. How better than a private sailing charter to celebrate?. The best gift ever given!
  • Wedding anniversary. A surprise sunset cruise IS HOW to embrace ROMANCE and celebrate your anniversary in style. The city lights of Honolulu and Waikiki are a perfect finishing touch.
  • Sunrise cruise. Use a private sailing gift certificate to start any day on Oahu watching sunrise over Diamond Head. It will begin the day just right. STUNNING!
  • The ideas for a Hawaii private sailing gift certificate are endless. You really don’t need a reason to buy that special person in your life a gift certificate for a day of private sailing.

Because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want and whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨SUNRISE, morning, afternoon, SUNSET.✨  It is all good with Sail Blue Hawaii.

Sunrise over Diamond Head:

Celebrate any occasion with a gift certificate for any kind of private Hawaii sailing: a sunrise cruise, a day-sail, a sunset cruise. Your gift will be a life-long highlight.

Honolulu Life Celebration

Sail Blue Hawaii is deeply honoured to help facilitate your special time of life celebration and aloha. It’s not an easy losing a loved one but being out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean is restorative and healing.

Ash Scattering at sea off Oahu

It’s easy to understand why you would want to celebrate your loved one on a private yacht on the blue Pacific waters off Oahu. Hawaii has a strong spiritual energy both on and off the ocean. A farewell at sea is a healing and soothing way to say goodbye and begin anew.

Customise your Hawaii Ash Scattering

If you would like to include your pastor, or other, to conduct a service and/or blessing for you, please do. If you have no connections here, reach out and I can give you some suggestions. Perhaps you’d like to sail longer than just the time it takes to celebrate and scatter. You are welcome to an extended cruise. What time of day is best? Because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want and whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨a SUNRISE cruise, morning sailing, afternoon sailing, a SUNSET cruise✨.  It is all good. 

Call Sail Blue Hawaii today with your Hawaii Ash Scattering/ life celebration request.

Honolulu’s best private sailing charter

Honolulu sailing, where any time is a good time to be on the water. Highlight your Hawaii vacation aboard a private sailboat in the pacific ocean. Here is our recommendation on the 5 best Honolulu private sailing charter ideas.

5 best private sailing ideas.

  1. A tradewind sail. Because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want AND whatever length of time you wish!  Our islands are most consistently graced with tradewinds so any time of day is a good time to go sailing…sunrise, morning, afternoon, or sunset! IT’S ALL GOOD!
  2. A private sailing charter to take in the beautiful views of Oahu and beyond. Beautiful views of Oahu, Diamond Head and, on clear days, far in the distance, Molokai and Lanai can sometimes be seen. This is not “destination” sailing.  “Destination” is sailing.
  3. A private day-sail to capture the sightings of marine life. “Kaikiwi” sails from Oahu’s south (protected) shore, not far from Waikiki, past beautiful coastline in the cobalt blue blue waters of our Pacific.  Wildlife such as green sea turtles, “honu”, dolphins, “nai’a”, humpback whales, “kohola” (in winter season only), and flying fish, “malolo” are some of the critters we may see as we sail.
  4. Birthday celebrations at sea. What better way to celebrate that special day then aboard a private yacht charter in Honolulu?
  5. Corporate Events. Celebrate with the team onboard a luxury sailing yacht in Honolulu. How better to raise moral and reward them for a job well done?

There are many reasons to come sailing with us beyond these 5 best Honolulu private sailing charter ideas…beauty, serenity, exciting tradewind sailing, family time. MOTHER’S DAY!!. The reasons are endless. WE know you will have the highlight of your Hawaii vacation on your Honolulu private sailing charter.

sailing home

Honolulu Sailboat Tour

Private boat tours in Waikiki are available with Sail Blue Hawaii. Weekends and holidays fill quickly so plan ahead and book early. Your experienced captain will ensure your safety and enjoyment. The cost of a private boat tour in Waikiki is affordable and highly desired. In addition, your private yacht is spacious featuring covered and open air seating as well as an onboard restroom.

Waikiki Sailing Charters Private Boat Tour

KAIKIWI is a 42ft Beneteau, perfect for Hawaiian waters

Private Waikiki boat tours with Sail Blue Hawaii are for both tourists and locals looking to rent a private boat. Sunset cruises, sunrise cruses, tradewind sailing, coastline sightseeing and Friday night fireworks are among the most popular tours in Waikiki. Whale watching, sailing lessons, birthday celebrations and life memorials are also very popular. We accommodate a wide range of special events on board. For Sail Blue Hawaii, the horizon is no limit.

Give Sail Blue Hawaii a call for your own Honolulu private boat tour in Waikiki.