Hawaii Private Sailing Yacht Rental

Today is a great day to call Sail Blue Hawaii for your private sailing charter. Why choose a private sailing charter? In the words of those who have:

“It was sheer joy! Everything was perfect;  the water, the sky, the wind, the fish and the dolphins!!
What a way to end our stay in Hawaii!
Capt Gaelyn, your love of the water made it extra special.”

-Harold & Sheryl, Houston, TX

When should we sail?

Some sail at the beginning of their vacation to sail, often choosing an adventurous day-sail. Others prefer the end of their vacation. What better way to end your vacation than with a relaxing sunset sai?. Those who sail at the begining of their charter have said: “anything after this will be boring”. Those who end their vacation with a private sailing charter have said “sailing with Capt. Gaelyn has been the highlight of our Hawaii vacation.”

Reviews of Sail Blue Hawaii

You can go to my review tab, or see what Yelp and Trip Advisor have to say. Among the words carefully chosen have been:

“part of hidden Hawaii”
“off the beaten track”
“I have never felt so alive”
“memory of a lifetime”
“one of Hawaii’s secret jewels”

“Captain Gaelyn, sailing with you was the highlight of our Hawaiian vacation.”

I have been thinking about Maui so much. I’ve had the privilege to sail to and from, anchor off of, Lahaina many times. One stunning sunrise, on the hook, some years back: