Private Sailing Charter Oahu, Hawaii

Just imagine, you’ve signed up for your private sailing charter on Oahu, Hawaii. It’s a beautiful blue day, the winds are a comfortable balmy tradewind breeze. It’s everything you want and more but you are still housebound, in snow, on the mainland.

Why choose a private sailing charter in Hawaii?

Because you will be safely sailing in your own private bubble. Pick up the phone and call Sail Blue Hawaii. You will be so excited as your captain sets sail on the stunning blue waters that surround the Hawaiian Islands. “Kaikiwi” sails from Oahu’s south (protected) shore, not far from Waikiki, past beautiful coastline in the cobalt blue blue waters of our Pacific.  Wildlife such as green sea turtles, “honu”, dolphins, “nai’a”, humpback whales, “kohola” (in winter season only), and flying fish, “malolo” are some of the critters we may see as we sail. Beautiful views of Oahu, Diamond Head and, on clear days, far in the distance, Molokai and Lanai can sometimes be seen.

Last week as we were coming to the end of a 4-hour sail, I saw something that didn’t look typical. It took me a second or more to realize it as a hawaiian monk seal. It was rolling around, swimming, dunking, splashing, rolling again around and around. The hawaiian monk seal, a protected species, is a very rare sighting in our sailing area. There are only about 300 who live around the main Hawaiian islands, no wonder we seldom see them and they are not in my list above. The hawaiian name is”ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua,” which means “dog running in the rough water.” Yup, that’s close to what we saw.

Sign up today for your own private sailing charter. You never know what your experience will be or what you will see. In conclusion, one thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Private Sailing Charter Oahu
Private Sailing Charter Oahu

Waikiki private whale watching charter

Every winter we are blessed with thrilling whale watching. Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to calve. Where better to see them but on your own Waikiki private whale watching charter. Better yet is to capture them while sailing.

A Waikiki whale watch sailing charter to remember

Yesterday we were enjoying an unusual morning without tradewinds… we couldn’t sail. What a perfect opportunity to view whales. Captain had killed the engine (we knew whales were in the area) when a humpback mum and calf swam by just to wow us. Mum was teaching calf to breech. All of us on board were breathless as the calf kept breeching as it approached the boat. It crossed our bow continuing to display this exceptional display of strength and playfulness. Adding to this, all 40 tons of mum was swimming close behind, crossing our bow a little too close, the captain would say, while the guests said “NO WAY!”. While not all whale watching is this fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous), do sign up for a Waikiki private whale watching charter if you are in Hawaii during our winter months. You will remember this for your lifetime.