A Hawaii Proposal

Hawaii is a place full of romance. You will feel it the minute you get off the plane…the balmy tradewind, the scent of plumeria in the air. So, what better place on the planet than Hawaii for your proposal of a lifetime.

Hawaii Proposal at sea

You cannot get any more romantic when you propose to your loved one while sailing into the sunset. Saying “YES” under a tropical sky, on your own private yacht, will be a memory of a lifetime. Of course, you don’t need the sunset to complete your proposal: because this is custom sailing, we can sail any time of day you want and whatever length of time you wish. Our islands are most consistently graced with trade winds so any time is a good time to go sailing…✨SUNRISE, morning, afternoon, SUNSET. ✨ It is all good.

I have sailed many a couple to witness their Hawaii proposal and every single one gives me chicken skin. It is an honour. Call Sail Blue Hawaii to book your Hawaii proposal at sea.

Hawaii Marriage Proposal

The Hawaiian islands are known for their romance. So, what could be more perfect than saying “I will” aboard your own private yacht at sunset. Yes, your Hawaii marriage proposal will guarantee she says “yes.”

Saying “yes” is just the beginning

May the love you share today be just as strong every day in the years to come. You will look back on this evening as not just the highlight of your Hawaii vacation, but the highlight of your lives. Your private Hawaii marriage proposal will set the tone of your lives together as you sail off into the sunset.