Honolulu Sunset Cruise

Once a month a Honolulu sunset cruise will thrill you with an extra delight: as your Honolulu sunset cruise winds down, look east and BEHOLD the full moon rising over Diamond Head. You may want to opt to extend your Honolulu sunset cruise by a half hour or so to capture the stunning magic of the full moon-rise, and it will be so worth it!

A Honolulu Sailing Charter To Remember

Even if your sailing charter doesn’t coincide with a full moon, sign up for a Honolulu sunset cruise; it may well be the highlight of your Hawaii vacation. Overall incredible memories made on your sailing charter in Honolulu.

WOW, it doesn’t get any better than this

5 Best Honolulu Sunset Sailing Ideas

Honolulu sunset sailing
Honolulu sunset sailing

Honolulu sunset sailing, a beautiful time of day to be on the water. What can be more romantic than sunsets aboard a sailboat in the pacific ocean. Therefore, we think this a tour is something you’ll want to experience on your vacation in Honolulu. Above all, here is our recommendation on the 5 best Honolulu sunset sailing ideas.

Sunset Sail in Honolulu Hawaii

  1. Friday night fireworks in Honolulu. This is the most popular and something everyone enjoys while on vacation in Honolulu.
  2. Birthday celebrations at sea. What better way to celebrate that special day then aboard a private yacht charter in Honolulu?
  3. Wedding and Engagement. Something truly unique, a way to make this day special. Likewise, several party planners in Honolulu highly recommend our services to guests visiting Hawaii.
  4. Corporate Events. Celebrate with the team onboard a luxury sailing yacht in Honolulu. How better to raise moral and reward them for a job well done?
  5. Hawaii Ash Scatterings and Memorial Services. Remember that special person in your life. We realize that it’s a very difficult time losing a loved one and we are here to help.